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Tony's New Guest Book

Lawrence James...

Amber Swann Publishing Inc. & Lawrence James -(Lazlo)- welcome all family, friends and fans to this official tribute site of Tony Capstick, actor, singer, comic, writer and best bloody radio broadcaster to have come out of Yorkshire. It’s a site where friends and fans of Cappo can leave their anecdotes and reminiscences about our treasured pal.

You won’t find here any sniping comments from newspaper hacks who would rather concentrate on negatives than the positives in Tony’s life. You’ll not find any cowardly attacks from former colleagues/friends for whom the words humility, compassion and loyalty have no place in their hearts.

This site is a celebration of the life of a man who gave so much pleasure to so many people. Tony Capstick had no side whatsoever and there wasn’t a phoney bone in his body. Refreshingly honest about his own faults but always seeing the best in others.

He was more than an entertainer, he was incredibly intelligent, well read and well informed, he had books everywhere including his bathroom. Writer guests on his show would be pleasantly surprised and flattered that Tony would have read their entire book before they came on the show, most broadcasters have someone else do that for them who just furnish the presenter with keynotes, not Cappo, he always felt it was courteous if he was to interview a writer to have read their work.

Please feel free to e-mail your memories of Cappo to help build a fuller picture of this vastly underrated talent.


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