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Name: Peter Corby ~ Email ~ From: Rochdale, UK
Comment: I used to go out of my way to see Tony in the 60s and 70s. I'm still living on re-telling some of his jokes ! What a fantastic guy. I'm just going to get the record player from the garage and re-live some of those nights again

Pete Corby 01706 643757

Name: Liz Nichols ~ Email ~ US
Comment: I'm a avid Summer Wine Fan. I still miss Tony. He had a way with him that cannot be replaced. I loved to hear him talk.

Name: Al Evans ~ Email ~ Spain
Comment: I used to watch you a lot on the folk circuit in the 60's, my gf used to sing on the circuit too. One night you and her were on the same bill and she ended up going 'home' with you instead of me. Nuff said. I still rate both you and her though.

Name: Terry Buxton ~ Email ~ Pontefract
Comment: If I wanted to laugh I would listen to Cappo. His topics were interesting, so we listened and remembered. God Bless this lad he's one of the best. If you say his name now what does it do, YES YOU'RE RIGHT.

Name: Mary Savage ~ No email ~ Manchester
Comment: We miss you in LOTSW. Your portrayal of the bobby was always very funny. Rest in peace.








To all of you whom have taken the time to sign and give your thoughts, expressing your feelings - we thank you! And those whom haven't, please feel free to e-mail your memories of Cappo to help build a fuller picture of this vastly underrated talent.


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