We (Lazlo & Ace) did many skits for Cappo which he included on his show. If you only know Of Tony through his TV or stage work and have never heard his radio show, some of the skits will mean nothing to you. If you were a Tony Capstick show listener over the last years of his broadcasting career, you will be familiar with the subjects of the skits. I am not an impressionist so while I have tried to capture the essence of Cappo and the regulars, the sketches were meant to be caricatures of the people depicted, exaggerated audio cartoons if you will. The emails that Tony reads were from different characters that I created. When Tony realised it was me sending all the humorous e-mail he asked me to do more because he enjoyed reading them. He gave me free rein to be as silly as I wanted.  Among the different e-mail characters I created was Tony's favourite, "Winny the widdle old wady of Wentworth" and her little cat "Babby".

The idea for her was based on a kind of modern day Mrs Maloprop who was originally a creation of Richard Sheridan in his play The Rivals (1775). Mrs. Maloprop would carve up the English language with hilarious results saying things like "He is the very pine-apple of politeness!" [pinnacle] and "I am sorry to say, Sir Anthony, that my affluence over my niece is very small." [influence] Anyway you get the idea... below are those skits and a setup of them.

Martyn Johnson Metal Detection Sketch

Ace and I did this skit on Martyn Johnson because we figure that metal detectorists must unearth some unexpected and unusual things.

Sherlock Holmes Sketch

Ace and I did this after listening to my Old time radio Sherlock Holmes plays. We just wanted to ham it up a bit.

Tony Reading a...
Walter Withershanks Email

Tony read my “Walter Withershanks” e-mail. Walter, downtrodden and browbeat.


Tony Reading email...
Freddie Truman Signed My Kit

Freddie Truman signed my kit e-mail. I’d heard Tony talking about Freddie and cricket the day before.

Chris Mann Trailer Spoof...

Chris of course was the regular financial advisor on the TC show and I came up with this idea for a trail for his spot.

Cappo's Masho Sketch

The idea for this skit was born from the idea that people were ringing Cappo and asking “where is me Cappo’s Masho tea caddy?” There seemed to be trouble getting these Caddies, which bore Tony’s image, to the competition winners. It became a running joke that there was a several month backlog. I guess they really are rare now and collectable.

Dick Short Naturist Camp Invite email...

Tony reads my “Dick Short” Sunnyview naturist camp e-mail inviting Martyn Johnson to metal detect in the buff.

Sarco Response to Jimmy Osmond On T.C. Show

My “Sarco” response to Jimmy Osmond guesting on the TC show.

Winny Wittle O'Wady of Wentworth

Tony reads “Winny” email.

Mel Jones Parody

The wonderful communicator, historian and author Professor Mel Jones was another regular on the TC show and I just had to do a parody involving him. Instead of Tom Jones here’s Mel Jones.

Summer Wine Sarco email...

 My Last of the summer wine e-mail as “Sarco” teasing Tony that he used a body double.

Metal Detection Field Trip

Martyn Johnson and TC outside broadcast. What might happen if Tiny and Martyn go on a field trip to metal detect outside a Maximum security prison.